A 6-week impact accelerator for change-making women.

Enrollment opens April 21, 2021

Are you seeking transformative change in your life, in your community, or in the world? Have a big idea but need help getting traction? This program is for you! Sign up below to be notified when the program launches or click the button to book a 30-minute discovery call.

Join a cohort of like-minded women as we:

  • Gain clarity of purpose.
  • Harness our unique strengths.
  • Craft actionable step-by-step roadmaps to the change we seek.
  • Level-up, lean in, and begin living our legacies today.

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I think maybe I do.

  • You are a change-maker. A bridge builder. A catalyst. 
  • You are the one asking all the big questions and never quite satisfied with the answers.
  • You are a seeker and also a doer. Manifestation and visioning are nice, but you prefer action.
  • You appreciate perspectives that are different from your own and you are hungry to have your mind changed.
  • You aim to grow, to learn, to challenge yourself and others, to expand your world view, to wake up a little bit more each and every day.
  • You have a deep rooted sense of empathy for others. You want to be a part of the solution to suffering.
  • Most importantly, most urgently, you ache to be of use, to make a difference, to leverage the gifts that only you possess toward creating meaningful, lasting, change.

I know you because I am you. I created this program for you, for me, for other women just like us.

“So, what is it that you do exactly?”

After 20 years in my field, some of my closest friends (and even family members!) still ask me this question. I get it: “storytelling” and “communications” can feel pretty broad.
Let me break it down: I help do-gooders do better. I work with nonprofits, government agencies, social purpose entrepreneurs, and other professional change-makers to tell their stories, level-up their impact, and create lasting change. My proprietary “Impact Mapping System” has led my clients to raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, achieve substantive legislative change, build empowered communities of advocates, and increase public awareness about timely issues that affect us all.
I’ve been doing this work for almost two decades and I LOVE it!
But…. life is change. And while I continue to serve my organizational clients, I’m also expanding the scope of my work to more closely align with my evolving personal mission.
You see, my own life has changed in ALL THE WAYS since I had my son, Finn, 2.5 years ago.
I suddenly became a mama (at the age of 46!) and a partner. I moved to Seattle (then moved again, and again, and once more). I shuttered my business to get a “real job” then left that job and reopened my agency. I lost my dog/best friend/companion of 13 years. And I learned to live with a life-altering back injury.… I could go on but I’ll spare you the details!
Trust me when I say that the last few years have earned me an honorary PhD in Change Navigation 😉
And through all of this change I’ve learned. A lot. Perhaps most importantly I’ve found percolating in me a deeper desire to use my skills to help others; particularly other women.
So I’m doing something new (and old)! I am leveraging the same Impact Mapping System I’ve used to help my clients be successful, coupled with my personal experience in creating order amidst change and uncertainty, to help purposeful women drive transformative change in their lives, in their work, and in the world.
This spring I’ll launch Live Your Legacy, a 6-week impact accelerator to help change-making women gain clarity of purpose, harness their unique strengths, and chart a step-by-step actionable roadmap to the change they seek.
Participants will work within a cohort of like-minded do-gooders who share their tenacity about making a difference; supporting one another in leveling-up, leaning into change, and living our legacies right now. I would love for you to join us.
Oh, and “what do I do?” I help extraordinary women change the world.
xo, Natasha

Curriculum Includes

The Live Your Legacy (LYL) program combines group coaching, individual coaching, special presenter events, a comprehensive workbook, video tutorials, and membership in the LYL Facebook community. Students meet weekly with their accountability partners for collaboration and support.

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